Survivor Stories: You gave Krista the Gift of Compassion

Managing day-to-day tasks has allowed Krista to regain independence.

On a mid-November day, things unfolded like every other day for Krista. After a long day of university classes, she packed up her stuff, hopped on her bike, and started her 45-minute ride home so she could prepare dinner and settle in for an evening of studying.
Those evening plans didn’t happen. In mere seconds her life completely changed and her dreams of becoming a successful architect were shattered. Krista, who was 24 years old at the time, was T-boned by a car resulting in a severe brain injury. 
The brain injury left Krista struggling to understand simple things and suffering with memory loss. She tried to resume her studies, but the long commute and the sensory overload left her too exhausted to care for herself. Someone close to her suggested she reach out to VBIS for help. 

Thanks to your donation, Krista was connected to a VBIS case manager who helped her regain her independence. Things most people take for granted, like filling out an application or government form, left Krista overwhelmed and anxious.

While Krista continues to learn how to manage her symptoms, she knows she can always turn to VBIS for help when she needs it. And that’s because of you.

Your compassion has ensured Krista is not alone. You have supported her on her journey as she worked to improve her decision-making and judgement skills – both of which were impacted by the accident. And you have been there as she has learned to manage her ongoing, daily fatigue by planning for it and not overscheduling herself.

You have also made it possible for her to have access to a variety of other VBIS programs like Music Therapy which Krista found to be incredibly useful.

As Krista continues making positive strides every day, she wants to thank you for supporting her and VBIS. And she hopes you will continue to be there for others who need help and compassion.

Donate to the Victoria Brain Injury Society to help others like Krista, at

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