Survivor Stories: Resilience and Renewal

At many of the VBIS’ community awareness booths at various farmers markets, individuals often open about their personal experiences with brain injuries. During one of these heartfelt exchanges, Debbie, an active VBIS volunteer found herself deeply moved by a story strikingly like her own — a tale of resilience and recovery following an aneurysm that had occurred a decade ago. The narrative rekindled hope and joy in Debbie as she reflected on the future milestones awaiting her in her own recovery journey. 

Debbie, an engaged participant in our Women’s Support Group for over five years following her aneurysm, has been finding solace and strength through connections with other women who have traversed similar paths. Despite initially grappling with isolating anxiety that inhibited her daily life, the support group has been a beacon of hope, helping her embrace the understanding that she is not alone in her journey. 

Her pathway to recovery commenced more than five years ago with a sudden severe headache that signaled a serious health issue. After a surgery that led to a 19-day coma, her road to recovery began, marked with significant milestones such as finding a supportive living environment with the help from her workplace, Epicure. The Shoal Center in Sidney took her in 3 months after leaving the hospital, where she now gives back by doing craft and labels on meals. It was during this transition that a colleague introduced her to VBIS, a decision that was proven transformative when she came to VBIS in early 2019.  Debbie expresses that role of VBIS in her healing journey has been instrumental, offering a nurturing space to express her vulnerabilities and share her triumphs. Through VBIS, Debbie forged connections with other women, finding unity in shared experiences and diverse recovery stories. We are grateful for Debbie and her active promotion of VBIS in the Sidney community, urging others who have sustained brain injuries to reach out and find the haven of support that VBIS offers. Below are imagines of Debbie’s art that has been a healing hobby in her brain injury recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a similar experience and could benefit like Debbie from our services. Please reach out at 250-598-9339 to learn how we can help on your journey to recovery.

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