Education and Awareness

Our Programs

The Victoria Brain Injury Society is excited to promote brain injury education and awareness in our community. We will partner with other organizations and businesses to help spread awareness. We provide free educational presentations to the general public and social service agencies seeking to gain an understanding of the complexities of living with, or working with people who have an acquired brain injury.

Individual Support

Brain injuries are like fingerprints – each one is unique. We understand brain injury and our case managers can work with individuals to navigate their new reality in a way that best suits their personal needs.

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ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) 101

An informative introduction to brain anatomy and brain injury. 

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Music Therapy & Creative Art

Music therapy is the skillful use of musical elements by an accredited music therapist to promote, maintain and restore mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

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Equine Assisted Learning with Humble Hooves

Equine ASsisted learning (EAL) is a learner-based educational experience with horses as teachers. More specifically, EAL is life-skills program that encourages individual and team growth.

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FLOWERS (Friends & Loved Ones: Wisdom, Education, Resources, and Support)

The FLOWERS support group meets the last Thursday of the month. The group is for friends and family members of brain injury survivors. 

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Mindfulness Practice and Yoga

Join a group of brain injury survivors who get together to learn and practice meditation or Yoga and have discussions about mindfulness.

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Peer Support

A Peer Supporter is available Monday through Thursday in our community room. 

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Coping Strategies Course

This 24 week program is an informative, in-depth course for people with brain injury. 

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A six-week program designed to help you along your path of returning to work after brain injury.

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Walk Program

Whether your goal is to run in a marathon or be able to walk around the block; whether you have to use a walker or are a power-walker; this is a great activity to get involved in!

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Brain Injury and Substance

An educational support group for people who have a brain injury and are also experiencing difficulties related to substance abuse. 

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Workshops and Events

There are numerous one-off workshops, fun events and interesting info sessions happening at VBIS. 

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