Brain injuries are like fingerprints – each one is unique. We understand brain injury and our case managers can work with individuals to navigate their new reality in a way that best suits their personal needs.

We offer individual support services, free of charge, to any individuals living with an acquired brain injury, as well as to their family, spouses/partners and caregivers. Support helps brain injury survivors recover, adapt and adjust to their new reality and gain stability.

Individual Support is:

A way-finder

To assist those affected to gain the resources necessary to maximize recovery. We work with – not for – everyone involved in the service.

An educational resource

To assist people with brain injury and their loved ones to understand what their journey may entail and to get pertinent information as required. We assist people to understand what options are available to them and what impact choices may have.

A supporter

To encourage those with brain injury and their loved ones to work hard and to support each other through recovery. VBIS utilizes natural supports wherever possible and encourages those close to the injured person to play a meaningful role in the continuing recovery.

An advocate

 For those with brain injury. VBIS will work with them to help shape their world so that they have a place in our community.

A vigilant monitor

Who provides a presence in the injured person’s life to ensure health status is maintained; to provide safety monitoring; to ensure that secondary difficulties arising from sequelae to injury are minimized; and to provide secondary and tertiary health prevention services through early detection and early intervention.


Case Manager


Case Manager


Case Manager