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1.5 million Canadians have had their lives significantly impacted by brain injury, yet over half of us know little to nothing about their causes, effects, and how to safely respond to them (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2020). Apart from putting ourselves in danger, this absence of knowledge can also harm individuals with brain injuries. As an invisible injury, it can be challenging to perceive, understand, and appropriately interact with brain injury survivors.

To reduce these difficulties, we offer free community outreach presentations for organizations. Customizable according to your group’s needs, these presentations will help your team learn more about the basics of brain injury, how to support survivors and the services and programs offered by VBIS. To book a presentation, email

Helping young people sHINE

Youth are the most at-risk group for concussions, yet many young people lack an understanding of what a brain injury is and how life-changing it can be. Multiple brain injuries can result in lasting cognitive impairment, substance use, or mental and physical health problems.

SHINE (Student Head Injury Neuro Education) is a 90 minute interactive presentation for youth in Grade 12, as well as community sports teams in the Greater Victoria Area. The program teaches students about the different causes of brain injury, dispels myths about concussions, and motivates them to make choices that minimize their risk of future injury. 

By raising awareness about brain injuries and how to avoid and recover from them, SHINE is an important intervention that can reduce the incidence and impact of brain injuries for young people in our communities. To learn more or book your SHINE presentation, contact

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First of all, thank you. We are so grateful for your interest in spreading awareness about brain injuries. Whether for schools, sports teams, community organizations, or businesses, scheduling a presentation with VBIS is easy and can be done in minutes.

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Jordan Parker

SHINE Facilitator


VBIS now offers Train Your Brain, a program that allows participants to engage in weekly cognitive training using NeuroTracker software. NeuroTracker is essentially a video game where you track spheres in 3D-space.

In collaboration with Dr. Brian Christie and PhD Candidate Taylor Snowden at the University of Victoria, we have conducted research into the efficacy of NeuroTracker training on traumatic brain injury survivors. Our findings indicate that use of NeuroTracker software reduces the severity of brain injury-related symptoms in adults. As well, our research suggests that this form of 3D Multiple Object Tracking can improve various cognitive functions.

NeuroTracker training is now being offered to clients at the Victoria Brain Injury Society. Email to sign up and learn more about the program.

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